Welcome home, Kim Shannon.

Welcome home, Kim Shannon.  The Rotman School of Management celebrated its inaugural Reunite@Rotman a couple weeks ago. It was a long time coming. While Rotman has been terrific about engaging its alumni over the years, a true homecoming had never been done.  Rotman alumni from far and wide descended on the community to reunite and […]

Oil – what’s happening? And, what to expect next?

Oil – what’s happening?And, what to expect next? The OPEC meeting which concluded in Vienna on the 27th November 2014 sent oil prices plunging to their lowest levels in 4 years. The OPEC group decided to keep their oil production output constant at 30M bbl/day for the next six months. This decision caused Crude Oil […]

Contradictory tales of two restaurant chains – Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG) vs. McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)

Contradictory tales of two restaurant chains – Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG) vs. McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) Before I put down my thoughts in detail, I must confess that I have been bullish about Chipotle Mexican Grill since year 2008. Part of the reason to my bullishness is my stay in Texas (where Mexican food is […]

Tyson Foods Inc. – A perfect case of winner’s curse

Last week, Tyson Foods Inc. (TSN) won an auction to acquire Hillshire Brands Co. (HSH), the biggest maker of hotdogs and breakfast sausages. Hillshire, the longtime maker of Jimmy Dean sausages and Ball Park hot dogs, got caught up into a bidding war between two of the country’s biggest meat producers – Tyson Foods Inc. […]

Lewis and the Flash Boys

Prior to reading the book, allow me to present a simple counter-argument to the premise of Flash Boys.[1] I will do so in the manner of the ancient Greeks, who sought to prove axioms using principled methods of proof, rather than obtaining empirical evidence, thus freeing them from the need to actually do work. All […]

Disruptive Innovation and upcoming themes

I have no doubt that you have read several macro and micro economic forecasts for 2014 over the past several weeks. The usual actors – the United States, the BRIC nations and spy phone free download software \ mobile phone spy app free \ essay writer \ phone spy \ android cell phone spy & […]

Human Misjudgments, Biases, and Emotions in an Investment world

  As Benjamin Graham once quoted – “While enthusiasm may be necessary for great accomplishments elsewhere, on Wall Street it almost invariably leads to disaster.” Time and again we have seen in history of stock markets that irrational exuberance has caused disasters. Be it during the internet bubble of 2001 or economic Pearl Harbor of […]