The RSIF Equity Research Competition is an annual competition run by the Rotman Asset Management Association. Students will learn the skills that are necessary to write a professional equity research report. This includes learning how to value a stock, how various macro and industry trends drive a company’s financial performance, and how to deliver an industry-quality report.

Competition Structure

Teams of two will have ten days to produce a 5-page research report on a specific company . The report must include brief overview of the industry and the company, a high level valuation, concise delivery and explanation of recommendation, as well as a target price.

Key Dates

To be Announced

Past Winners


1st Place: Marcio Yago Rodrigues Sahade & Felipe Priuli


1st Place: Daniel Wang & Wilson Lin Team Deck

2nd Place: Mikhil Mahore & Kamal Shirazi Team Deck


1st Place: Jay Sharma & Jia Ong Team Deck

2nd Place: Lan Wang & David Yang Team Deck

3rd Place: Henry Cao & Daniel Phu Team Deck


1st Place: Taylor Self & Gurinder Khurana Team Deck

2nd Place: Lak Chinta Venkateswararao & Peter Cinat Team Deck

3rd Place: Nicholas Melnick & Nader Bebawy Team Deck