The aim of the competition is to introduce students to the evaluation of a private equity transaction. The teams are expected to perform in-depth analysis of the investment opportunity and structure the transaction to maximize the return potential. The top teams will present their fundamental research and valuation models to a panel of judges from the industry. The declaration of the winners will be tied with an award ceremony and networking reception. The judges will give a talk about their private equity experiences and provide some feedback with regards to the submitted reports and presentations

Competition Structure

Students were asked to look for an investment opportunity as an LBO candidate and use financial engineering and recommend a future management strategy after the takeover. The competition had the following structure:

  • Teams of 4
  • Participants can be in the 1st year of Full-Time or up to 2nd year of Part-Time program.
  • 20 page presentation to be submitted
  • Financial model must be submitted and must adhere to certain guidelines outlined in the case
  • 2 week time limit
  • 2 rounds
    • 1st round presented to 2nd year student judges - 3 qualifiers of 6 teams
    • Best 2 out of 6 qualifies
  • Final round presented to Private Equity professinals
  • Guest judges to select winners

First and second place teams to represent Rotman at the Wharton Global Buyout Competition and at the Rotterdam School of Management PE Competition, respectively.

Submissions judged on 3 main criteria:
1) Quality, thoughtfulness and comprehensiveness

2) Appropriateness and correctness of model

3) Presentation style and format

Key Dates

February 2020 (Tentative)

Past Winners


1st Place: Taylor Cluett, Jose Celis, Julian Hung, Imran Punjani, Vicrum Vaidya

2nd Place: Luis Navarro, Meliza Pardo Salazar, Fernando Solis, Mike Titkov, Michael Taft


1st Place: Siddhant Saxena, Kartik Khanna, Abe Alappat, Sukant Sharma

2nd Place: Jason Chin, Toma Tzakov, Nicholas Lo, Alda Ardelia

Rotman Student Finalists: Fernando Ong, Felipe Priuli, Jay Jung, Vinicius Vilhena, Marcio Sahade

2014 - 15

1st Place: Mark Bluvshtein, Adam Edgerley, Richard Gill, Daniel Wang

2nd Place: Satwik Sharma, Claudia Dzierbicki, Ashish Kulkarni, David Wright

2013 - 14

1st Place: Alex Fitzgerald, Artem Kaikov, Kriti Dixit, Mikhail Clarkson

2nd Place: Georges-Etienne Fortin, Husain Chinikamwala, Michael McVety, Viral Shah

3rd Place: Basel Jarrad, Dejan Knezevic, Dimitrije Jankovic, Mridul Jain


1st Place: Christopher Lam, Elton Law, Ryan Lee, and Jude Voon

2nd Place: Zachary Dombrowski, Ahmed Halawa,  Igor Nirenstein, and Taylor Self