RAMA’s flagship competition - the Portfolio Management Competition - is designed to help MBA students get hands-on experience as portfolio managers using a top-down approach in an environment that closely simulates real world challenges. During the competition, each team is tasked with analyzing the financial situations as well as allocating a given amount of capital across a set list of ETFs. Teams are to ensure the asset mix implemented is appropriate given the financial target for return and risk received in the pre-written case given to all teams.

Competition Structure

The investment objective of the portfolio is to achieve the long-term capital appreciation in accordance with both customers’ specific target for return and their risk tolerance, therefore the competition is judged based on how well the capital invested in the basket of ETFs corresponds to all the information provided in the case. The unique characteristics described in the case should be fully utilized by each team to help drive their asset allocation decision. To enhance the learning experience, teams will be provided guidance at the kick-off event and RAMA’s Executive Team will aid the participants during the duration of the competition. Teams will learn how to think about asset allocation while formulating their strategies. The deliverable for each team will be a written document stating their asset mix across the set list of ETFs, with the clear emphasis placed on why these decisions are made in the current macro-economic environment.

Key Dates

To be Announced

Past Winners


1st Place: Varun Madan, Jay Jung, Fabiola Pedraza Ochoa, Thomas Weatherbee-Martin

2nd Place: Marcio Sahade, Maribel Millones, Daniel Kipersztok, Vinicius Vilhena


1st Place: Bona Fide - Daniel Lobo, Patrick Douville Team Deck

2nd Place: Alpha Bet - Ted Durrant-Taylor, Andrew Ashworth

3rd Place: Horizon - Mark Jenkins, Amit Shah, Arun Vaidyanathan, Shewin Yin Team Deck


1st Place: Sally Kan, Jennifer Lee, Ali Sibtain, Yinan Xia Team Deck


1st Place: Raymond Liu, Dejan Knezevic, Christopher McIntyre, Nikita Kaploun