The Weekly Macro

Beginning Fall 2019, RAMA will publish "The Weekly Macro", its own weekly update on recent major economic events and capital market news, including possible expectations for future outcomes.

Below is the format of The Weekly Macro:

  • North America: Summary of the major economic events in North America and their impacts on the financial markets.
  • Equities: Weekly update on recent equity market price and volume trends, including analysis on future outcomes.
  • Fixed Income: Snapshot of current fixed income market conditions and economic activity relevant to fixed income investors.
  • Europe: Overview of the important issues dominating European countries.
  • Asia: Analysis on current developments in Asia region.
  • Commodities: Concise summary of movements in the commodity markets (e.g. gold, oil, natural gas).
If you wish to read further, we have a collection of sell side forecast group by companies available here:

The Weekly Macro - October 6

Please see attached The Weekly Macro report for this week.