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RAMA Newsletter

Announcement - LBA Winner

Recently, the Rotman Student Investment Fund (RSIF) program under RAMA ran its first annual Research Challenge with Letko Brosseau & Associates.


We are proud to announce the winner of the competition is Michael Karp, who will be joining LBA for the summer as a Summer Investment Analyst


We would also like to recognize the other two finalists, Thao Le and Brandon Thimer. Our three finalists had the opportunity to present in front of the Investment team for LBA, representing RSIF with a world-class output. 


The club would encourage its members to following LBA with the following:

As the club continues to roll out new initiatives as part of the reinvigorated Student Fund program, we look forward to continuing the growth of our students in the world of investment research. 

Michael Karp square for approval.jpg

"The RAMA Executive Team has done an incredible job providing members like myself with extraordinary opportunities throughout the year.


The recent Letko Brosseau challenge was memorable in that it required me to apply both critical thinking and communication skills in order to succeed.


Additionally, presenting to several investment professionals from a top-tier firm was also a very unique experience. The opportunity has definitely stood out among others during my MBA."

Letko Brosseau & Associates.

Letko Brosseau is an independent investment manager founded in 1987. The firm manages $19.3 billion in assets for more than 250 institutional investors and several thousand private clients and has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. Our results over the last 33 years have been remarkable. Not only have we kept pace with the markets during this time but we have added more than $10.6 billion in additional value to our clients' portfolios.

Our balanced strategy has ranked in the 3rd percentile over 20 years amongst one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive universes of Canadian pension plans.

But results are only part of the story. Wishing for good returns says little on how to achieve them. The true story is in the purpose, the values and the discipline we bring to the investment process.

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