Portfolio Management

Case Competition

The Portfolio Management Competition - is designed to help MBA students get hands-on experience as portfolio managers using a top-down approach in an environment that closely simulates real world challenges.


During the competition, each team is tasked with analyzing the financial landscape and allocating a given amount of capital across a set list of ETFs. Teams are to ensure the asset mix implemented is appropriate given the financial target for return and risk received in the pre-written case given to all teams.

Stock Exchange


2020 - 2021

1st Place: Fiona Fan, James Weiss, Takura Chinodya, Patty Zhao

2nd Place: Bill Bi, Helen Lu, Phuong Bui, Yuki You

3rd Place: Aderonke Akinsola, Thao Le, Lucy Fan & Gundave Doshi

2019 - 2020

1st Place: Mark Han, Xun Wang, Owen Zheng, Pauline Wu

2nd Place: Grant Richardson, Artur Shigapov, Daniel Simmonds, Krishna Verma

3rd Place: Fraser Christie, Max Ingram, Sean Swift, Joseph Pan

2018 - 2019

1st Place: Stephen Scragg, Kashwin Kohli, Julian Baldassarra, Hina Dattoo

2nd Place: Nishant Advani, Fernando Solis, Martin Pustavrh, Yi Shi

3rd Place: Danish Farookhi, Preyas Patel, Huy Pham

2017 - 2018

1st Place: Varun Madan, Jay Jung, Fabiola Pedraza Ochoa, Thomas Weatherbee-Martin

2nd Place: Marcio Sahade, Maribel Millones, Daniel Kipersztok, Vinicius Vilhena

2014 - 2015

1st Place: Bona Fide - Daniel Lobo, Patrick Douville 

2nd Place: Alpha Bet - Ted Durrant-Taylor, Andrew Ashworth

3rd Place: Horizon - Mark Jenkins, Amit Shah, Arun Vaidyanathan, Shewin Yin 

2013 - 2014

1st Place: Sally Kan, Jennifer Lee, Ali Sibtain, Yinan Xia 

2012 - 2013

1st Place: Raymond Liu, Dejan Knezevic, Christopher McIntyre, Nikita Kaploun