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RAMA Podcast


We are excited to announce that we have launched a podcast! The idea is to converse with portfolio managers, research analysts and professors and take a deep dive into some of the niche areas in the market and potentially invigorate your interest in different roles post MBA.

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RAMA Executive Team

Ep 04/

Ep 4: Ep 4: Vitali Mossounov on Tech Investing

In our fourth episode, we dive deep into tech investing with Vitali Mossounov, Vice President with the Equity team at TD Asset Management. We chat with him about why the current tech boom is different, the future of Big Tech, the risk of regulation, the recent sell-off, and the vibrant tech scene in Canada.


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00:45 - Why the excitement about tech?
2:01 - What’s the difference between the tech boom of today and that of 80’s?
5:15 - Why has there been a sharp sell-off? Is it the end of the bull run?
8:13 - Do you think that the liquidity from the stimulus bill will impact the sector rotation?
11:50 - What do you foresee as the future path of this industry say 5-10 years down the line? Will new companies displace incumbents?
14:55 - How do you think regulation will impact this sector going forward?
18:20 - Thoughts on Australia’s decision to charge Google and Facebook for news
22:00 - How does the Canadian tech scene look?
24:25 - Which industry will be the next to be disrupted?
29:00 - Circling back on SPACs which did ~$100bn in transactions in February 2021. Do you see it as a sustainable mode of financing?
32:00 - Who do you think would be the next famous person to start a SPAC?

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