Private Equity

Case Competition

The aim of the competition is to introduce students to the evaluation of a private equity transaction. The teams are expected to perform in-depth analysis of the investment opportunity and structure the transaction to maximize the return potential.


The top teams will present their fundamental research and valuation models to a panel of judges from the industry. The declaration of the winners will be tied with an award ceremony and networking reception. The judges will give a talk about their private equity experiences and provide some feedback with regards to the submitted reports and presentations.

Financial District


2020 - 2021

1st Place: Priscila Fulvia, Tom Rego, Tim Quiring, Salar Faiz, Rogan Anantharajah 

2nd Place: Brandon Thimer, Bassel Hammad, Merce Merry, Gundave Doshi, John Rogic

3rd Place: Ben Falconer, Vince Luccisano, Mark Manolescu, Yousef El Zohiry, Daniel Wilson

2019 - 2020

1st Place: Takreem Siddiqui, Ponnappa Aiyanna, Grace Li, Katrina Xu, Guleeka Dhawan

2nd Place: Dan Korman, Ali Brunet, Kelly Hawa, Julien Russel Brunet, Stuart Bacon

2018 - 2019

1st Place: Taylor Cluett, Jose Celis, Julian Hung, Imran Punjani, Vicrum Vaidya

2nd Place: Luis Navarro, Meliza Pardo Salazar, Fernando Solis, Mike Titkov, Michael Taft

2017 - 2018

1st Place: Siddhant Saxena, Kartik Khanna, Abe Alappat, Sukant Sharma

2nd Place: Jason Chin, Toma Tzakov, Nicholas Lo, Alda Ardelia

Rotman Student Finalists: Fernando Ong, Felipe Priuli, Jay Jung, Vinicius Vilhena, Marcio Sahade

2014 - 2015

1st Place: Mark Bluvshtein, Adam Edgerley, Richard Gill, Daniel Wang

2nd Place: Satwik Sharma, Claudia Dzierbicki, Ashish Kulkarni, David Wright

2013 - 2014

1st Place: Alex Fitzgerald, Artem Kaikov, Kriti Dixit, Mikhail Clarkson

2nd Place: Georges-Etienne Fortin, Husain Chinikamwala, Michael McVety, Viral Shah

3rd Place: Basel Jarrad, Dejan Knezevic, Dimitrije Jankovic, Mridul Jain

2012 - 2013

1st Place: Christopher Lam, Elton Law, Ryan Lee, and Jude Voon

2nd Place: Zachary Dombrowski, Ahmed Halawa,  Igor Nirenstein, and Taylor Self