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Founded in 2012, Rotman Student Investment Fund is a student-run investment fund focused on providing students with a window into life of an Investment Analyst



 We support students in Fundamental analysis of companies, provide training and resources on modeling, valuation, and report writing skills 


Through sector stock pitches and the Letko Brosseau research challenge, Analyst gains hands-on portfolio management experience


We connect Analysts with Industry professionals as part of our Speaker series, Panel discussions, Lectures and Networking events


Sean Swift
Portfolio Manager 2020-21

"In my time at Rotman, I have discovered the complexity of capital markets and investment research. RSIF's platform provides the tools to attack these complex problems. Additionally, RSIF has shown me the value of diverse, well-aligned teams seeking a common goal."


Recruitment Process:

RSIF seeks to recruit a class of analysts from diverse backgrounds to create rounded sector teams of students with financial and industry experience. The Analyst team consists of 21 MBA & Master's student members, covering seven sectors: Cash Yield, Consumer, Communications, Energy, Healthcare, Industrials, and Technology. RSIF recruits in September. An updated timeline will be communicated at RAMA & RSIF Kickoff event and via RAMA member email.

Application includes:

  • One-page resume and coverletter

  • One to two-page stock pitch in Word or PDF format

  • Fill out the RSIF Application form

  • 30 - 45 minutes interview


What we are looking for:

  • Demonstrated passion for investing

  • Motivation for wanting to be an analyst

  • Quality stock pitch (written and presentation)

  • Knowledge of market trends and events

  • Spike factor and diversity

What's the RSIF team reading and listening to?

Selected books

Investment Greats:

  • Beating the Street - Peter Lynch

  • The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

  • You Can Be a Stock Market Genius - Joel Greenblatt

  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Edwin Lefevre

Business Strategy and Macroeconomics:​

  • Blue Ocean Strategy: W. Chan Kim

  • Big Debt Crises: Ray Dalio

  • Geopolitical Alpha - Marko Panic


  • Black Swan: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Liar's Poker: Michael Lewis


  • Animal Spirits

  • Compounders: The anatomy of a multibagger

  • Invest like the best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

  • Macro voices

  • Masters in Business - Barry Ritholtz

  • Smarter Markets

  • Yet another value podcast

  • Value hive

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